Target : The Next Gamestop?

In an effort to “go green” [Read: Make more money with the used electronics industry], Target has begun a new “Electronics Trade In” policy, where shoppers can trade in used/older electronics for in-store credit.  Besides the obvious iPhones, iPods, and older cell phone models, Target also mentioned video games as a trade in feature.

Target states that it will offer a wide variety of price ranges for used items.  Some lower end items being around $20, and more pricey items around $200.  The price is determined by both condition of the item as well as the rarity and usefulness of the item.  Imagine my disappointment that my 2003 razor phone will not be well received at the check-out counter.

This new service will hit Californian stores on August 24th, will hit other stores in September, and around 850 stores nationwide by October.

While I don’t think it will [at first] be any source of a replacement for Gamestop or other video game boutiques, it’s comforting for parents to have a big-name retailer that little Bobby won’t get “scammed” at, only getting 2 bucks for his mint condition Madden 2003 PS2 title without the cover.

So check out your local Target stores sometime later this fall.  Or not.

Source:  Joystiq

2 thoughts on “Target : The Next Gamestop?”

  1. As much as I like and support the idea of prices “based on condition and rarity,” let’s face the facts: that ain’t gonna happen. Perhaps they will set up something based on condition, but there’s simply no way a big store like that is going to take the time to train employees to be able to recognize rarity of games. Most likely there will be a set price, made by corporate, and then a chart that employees will follow by to adjust the price by condition. Either way, this still has the potential to be better than the scam that is GameStop. I just hope they get a set up to actually test things that are traded in to make sure they work rather than judge condition by looks alone.

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