Tetsuya Nomura Talks Kingdom Hearts 3DS and Re:Coded

E3 was pretty big for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. We recieved a new trailer for Birth by Sleep and got two new titles announced for the franchise. What we didn’t get much of were details, especially for Kingdom Hearts 3DS. And while Square-Enix still isn’t  saying much, they have released a few more details talking about their Nintendo related titles via an interview with Tetsuya Nomura.

Kingdom Hearts 3DS features 2 main characters, both Sora and Riku. The whole battle system is based off switching between these characters mid combat. As for 3D effects, Nomura wouldn’t go into details about it, but he gave the hint of “falling,” whatever that means.

As for the story of Kingdom Hearts 3DS, it takes place in the same time frame of the other Kingdom Hearts games. Nomura revealed that the theme of the story is trust, gives yet another hint: “A KH you can touch, a falling Sora, and a flying Riku.

Moving onto the next topic, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded is set for Japan on October 7th for the Nintendo DS. This is a retelling of the story from the Japanese only cellphone release, Coded. Nomura says fans can expect a similar battle system to that of what is found in Birth by Sleep and a growth system siimlar to the one in 358/2 days.

The title seems to be getting more streamlined with simpler controls. The game has an auto-jump feature and an assist feature for attacking enemies units. Difficulty can be changed at any time, similar to that in The World Ends With You.

Both titles are looking to be good entries in the series. Hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3DS can help pull away from all the reused Disney licenses the games have been recycling so often.

(Source: andriasang)

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  1. Is October 7th the US date or the Japanesse one?
    Either way more kingdom hearts yay!
    and with birth by sleep coming out in a month its even better 😀

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