The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Nintendo Power Details

Nintendo spilled the beans on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword at E3 this year, but we still have a ways to go until its 2011 launch. In the mean time, Nintendo Power caught up with Aonuma to talk a bit more about the title.

So far we have only seen a single level demonstration from E3. This area will appear in the game, but will be rearranged in a different layout. The level took place in what Nintendo are considering a field area, but players can expect elements from both the field and dungeons to overlap. So you are not necessarily only solving puzzles in dungeons.

Skyward Sword pretty much has what you would expect from the usual arsenal from a Zelda game with bombs, a bow, a sling shot and more. While we saw a total of eight items at E3, Aonuma confirmed that there will be more in the final game – hopefully with more than one use.

Also, anyone concerned with timeline talk, Skyward Sword takes place before Ocarina of Time according to Aonuma. Although I’m sure upon release plenty of fans will pick out things to say “this would be impossible because of this in this other Zelda game.” But who knows.

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