Trapped Miners Ward off Insanity with PSPs?

If you know anything about the current situation in Chile, then you probably know that there is a large group of miners [33] trapped 2,300 feet underground, and have no hope of safe rescue for nearly 4 months.  Psychiatrists are already voicing concerns about the miners suffering from psychosis, and being mentally scarred from the experience, if not go completely insane before rescue.  So how are rescue teams hoping to assist them in passing the time?

PSP is , of course,  the most logical answer.

The gaming device, along with food and toiletries are being passed down to the miners in a small shaft that discovered the minors back in early August.

Although, how useful the console’s 6 hour battery life will be to these miners is somewhat questionable.  I don’t think they make 2,300 ft. long power cords.

Source:  Kotaku

2 thoughts on “Trapped Miners Ward off Insanity with PSPs?”

  1. When i heard about that i thought the same thing. I wonder if they have power outlets down there. 😀

    Unlucky them, being trapped in a hole for the long would drive me crazy.

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