Up next, Castlevania! Oct29-Nov1

We appreciate everyone who was apart of our highly successful Prince of Persia/Assassin’s Creed marathon for the Gulf Restoration Network. Whether it was donating, promoting or sitting back and enjoying the show, you guys make what we do unbelievable.  Although we did not quiet reach our goal,  the over $10,500 is nothing to scoff at. That is over $3,000 more than what we raised last year at this same time.  Our community continues to grow at a rapid pace. Its awesome getting to chat with all of you guys during what seems like gaming festivals about every other month.

Next up is the Castlevania series over Halloween weekend. We are going to be teaming up with another charity, RockingHRanch to  raise money for a great cause.  I’m going to wait for the exact details before I spill the beans, so keep checking back for more details.  For those of you that don’t know, the Rocking Ranch is where we gamed for our last marathon.  We want to thank the Hoover family for letting us use their property. We all had a great time.

Getting back to our speed gaming roots is a request that we hear ever so often. It is tough for us to master each game series we do when we are constantly playing new franchises and having to juggle work, school and family life. Within the events a lot of the runs shine but are sometimes washed out by games that, for example, a runner had to drop out of playing and we needed a last minute replacement. We’ve had huge feats such as catching all of the Pokemon in 72 hours (which some thought was impossible) and too many runs to name that were stellar.  It would be too easy for us to pick out world class runners that have offered up their services , but we want to stay within our community and most importantly within the core TSG team. We know that the fans and community of TSG don’t want to see the same series’s over and over, so its a tough balance. Repeat the same series’s year after year and have high quality runs, or sacrifice the quality of the runs with more diversity of the games we play. I think in 2011 you will see many series that we will impress you with and a lot of familiar faces. The same goes for our next series, Castlevania.  Expect a lot of quality runs.

23 thoughts on “Up next, Castlevania! Oct29-Nov1”

  1. Can’t wait to see what marathons are going to happened in 2011.(I’m going to assume that zelda will be back in March and another Pokethon in December) Things are bound to get interesting like always.

  2. I can’t wait! What woulda been awesome is if you did it on my bday, which is so close to the Castlevania marathon, November 25. But anyway, can’t wait! I always have a party on Halloween, so I am glad you’re starting it before Halloween. Now, to convince my parents to let me skip school the day after Halloween…hmm…

  3. Looking forward to the next marathon! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. <3

    As for me, you guys could play anything you'd like and I'd probably still love it.
    Oh, about lesser quality runs if you bring in tons of new series for marathons… as long as the runs are better than what I've seen of PoP2 in the last marathon, it's all good. <3

    PoP2, you broke my heart ;-; I know it's a difficult game, but it was just painful to watch…

  4. hey if you guys do the castlevania harmony of despair on xbox live do you guys think you could send me a game invite if you do that game my gamertag is Me is gooder

  5. I look forward to each marathon every year, no matter what the series is. Different but new series introduced to TSG Marathon streams does give it that splendid flavor, instead of sticking to a few we’ve seen many times. But that’s not always a bad thing. Pokemon every 1-2 years makes me a happy one, and same for Zelda; as it is quite the tradition to TSG.

    For Castlevania coming, Im still psyched for it, despite being not such a big fan. And KH covering for Pokemon this year was totally fine with me. It feels like the right/best thing for this time around. Gets me pumped to catch the newer Pokemon coming this year for Japan, and next year for the US!

    Great stuff Britt, looking forward to more Marathon craziness in October!

  6. Part of what I love about is getting the chance to see series I’ve never played and may not get the chance to play. It’s exciting, and has even gotten me playing series I may not have tried otherwise.

    And it’s fun to root for you guys during those less than stellar times too. 🙂

    Can’t wait for Halloween, never played Castlevania so I’m excited to get to see this series in action! XD

  7. Next year, TSG’s gonna dominate the games so hard, it’s gonna be MADDENing. You’re gonna be so stoked over all the surprises they’re going to be COOKING up, MAMA. I can only begin to fathom it, but I’m no SUPERMAN.


  8. I am a big follower of Castlevania, so I am very excited about this. I’ll be sure to promote this next marathon. My Youtube page isn’t very big, but it is slowly expanding,
    and I’m always promoting there, and letting my friends know about it. You guys are awesome, and will be looking forward to which will probably be one of my fav marathons ever! And my compliments to you Britt, and your team! Fare thee well!

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