X-Box Live Subscription Fees Increase in North America and United Kingdom

Microsoft has finally pulled the trigger and raised the price for access to Xbox Live in a handful of regions.  Yearly subscriptions now cost an extra $10 in the United States.  The UK’s fee was increased by 1 GBP per month, Canada’s fee was increased by $1 CAD per month, and Mexico’s was increased by 100 Pesos per month.

Based on the changes, it isn’t too much of an uphill climb from the previous subscription fees. Most people will probably be willing to shove out the cash, but I’m sure there will probably be a vocal minority for a little while.

These changes will begin on November 1st. So if you need to update your subscription, you might want to do it in the next couple of months to save yourself a few bucks.

You can check out the full chart Microsoft provided after the jump if you want more specific details.

11 thoughts on “X-Box Live Subscription Fees Increase in North America and United Kingdom”

  1. I will still get them for 10$ cheaper anyways. Still pretty stupid that Microsoft would do that, none of the new services they are adding I will use anyways.

  2. I’ll probably use the $39.99 offer they got on like October 31st because my subscription ends November 26th. ._.

    I MIGHT be willing to pay that much if they’d add decent new features… Something simple… like an internet browser.

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