Zombies!!! Board Game is Still Coming to Xbox Live

Zombies!!! has had an XBLA version of the boardgame promised for quite some time. They have just now come out and said that the game is still coming to the platform however the game will be coming to Windows 7 phones first. Zombies!!! is similar to other board games that have come to XLBA and PSN in that in real life it can take a lot of setup making it hard to play on a regular basis. The game consist of a number of players who have pieces known as “Shotgun Guys”. The goal is to get you character to the helipad and survive the zombie hoards. The catch is that the city is not known to the players at the start. You begin by having only the town square tile placed. There is a pile of 28 other tiles with the helipad at the bottom. Players must place a tile on their turn in a way that fits into the roads on the rest of the board. They must also place 2 or more zombies on that tile as well. There is no specific release date as of yet but be on the look out for Zombies!!!.

You can take a look below the jump to see what the board game looks like.

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