7 Reasons Why Halo: Reach Sucks

Since I, personally, am not a fan of xbox or Halo apart from the Red vs. Blue series, this post is kinda fitting. The fact that my boyfriend is addicted to Halo: Reach makes me hate it more. So here are the reasons why you should agree with me, after the jump.

Just because the game sold 4 million units within the first week of sales, it doesn’t make it great. Here’s 7 reasons why it’s not. Note that the 7 reasons are not my own and were originally someone else’s opinion. I just don’t like the game in general. No ‘hatin’ on me please.

1. Single player campaign sucks. Whilst it has a nice multiplayer mode, single player is just a disappointment. It’s no match for Halo 3, where single mode was fascinating. A great game should excel in all chapters, not leave behind an important one. Plus the ending is the worst. The story assumes you know every aspect of the game so far, no love for new buyers.

2. Few and old maps. I can’t imagine a game that got so popular for it’s multiplayer having only 13 maps. But to have nearly all of them just remakes from previous Halo’s? Plus the fact that Zealot is actually Midship and Reflection is identical to Ivory Tower – both from Halo 2.

3. The armors are useless. They are useless in the single player campaign. Even in multiplayer they’re pretty ridiculous. They don’t really help the character at all.

4. Shooting skills. The joy of multiplayer games is to distinguish yourself from others with your killing skills. But how can you achieve perfection when the ‘aim down your sight’ feature hasnt yet been implemented? It’s depressing when a guy who can’t even hold a gun outscores you every day.

5. Pricing. Not of the actual game but of the micro-pays you have to pay Bungie for extra storage in their file server section.

6. No identity. Even counter-strike characters have a face, costume and attitudes. In Halo: Reach you can only distinguish your team mates on the red / blue colours. Even in single player campaign the dialog and badly made phrases make you yawn. You jut do the same thing over and over.

7. Halo 3 ODST 2 = Halo Reach. The games more of an ODST 2 than a Halo 4.. The plot and the characters are pretty much the same, there are no souls under the helmets. Bungie should have made characters with at least a little depth.

And I’m sure there’s some of you out there that agree. Halo FAILS.

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    Did you actually play the game?

    Or are you just posting someone elses opinion?

    I mean, I MIGHT care if it was your opinion…

    Did you just copy the other guy’s opinion word for word too?!?! XD


    1. I’m gonna say this: If you don’t play the game: DON’T BE HATIN’ IT. You don’t play it, so you don’t have any good say in it. You don’t really know what it actually has other than what was seen and heard. It really urks me when people have bias against something through heresay. ” sucks. Blah blah blah. I heard so on IGN, blah blah” All just hearsay.


    Oh well, haters gonna hate, and Halo is a series that certainly gets a lot of that from FPS haters.

    “Halo FAILS.” If you’re referring to the series as a whole, I have to disagree. I’ve had minimal experience with the series outside of the original, but it was a very solid FPS that I quite enjoyed.

    Also, this should really be under OC. Just sayin’.

  3. I completely disagree with this. The story in the games single player was much more appealing to me than the halo 3 story. Also for people who have read the first halo book the story is even better to them. Also for the pricing of the file share thing. Most games don’t even have that option and at least they offer some free space. Plus forge mode in Halo: Reach is epic and many original player made maps will come from it.

    1. I agree, I really liked HALO 3 but I preferred the Reach story by far because knowing “what happens next” (since HALO 1 picks up right where Reach leaves off) even though I knew the battle was hopeless and Reach was doomed, at the end I felt like I’d played an important part in winning the war. Knowing that “you” are the one who let Master Chief get off Reach alive by staying behind, and went down swinging? That felt pretty big-damn-heroic to me.

      OP: As for the “no identity” complaint, that’s part of the point: the game doesn’t foist an identity on to you– I never rolled my eyes or groaned because the character I was playing said something stupid that I would never say. They give you a few cinematic lines and let you imagine for yourself what else you might say.

      And “useless” armour abilities? They didn’t tutor you in how to use them, so maybe some people *didn’t* use them much becase they couldn’t figure them out for themselves. But I got some **** *done* with the jet-pack on. And active camo plus sniper rifle equals “I am the silent angel of death sent to harvest all your offspring.”

      But then again, as others have already said, by your own confession you didn’t *play* the game; you’re just parroting what someone else said. Which renders your opinion next to worthless.

  4. You know, now that I think of it, I WILL go on a little rant. First off, “Note that the 7 reasons are not my own and were originally someone else’s opinion. I just don’t like the game in general. No ‘hatin’ on me please”. Why not make up your own points? Also, I must add that aiming down sights isn’t everything. It’s not like your aim doesn’t get worse as each shot progresses when ADS. In Call of Duty, for example, every shot makes a reticle that you cannot see get bigger. And I’m just curious, how many Halo games have you played, and how long have you played Reach (Hours would be nice)?

  5. Uhhh…Everlong, this really should be moved over to OC.

    And as for MY opinions:
    1. “Plus the ending is the worst. The story assumes you know every aspect of the game so far, no love for new buyers.” Isn’t the point of sequels and prequels to assume the player has already played the other games?
    2.”having only 13 maps.” Have you tried Forge?
    3.”The armors are useless” Well, they don’t DO anything but they symbolize dedication and achievement. Plus we did get armor abilities.
    4.”you can only distinguish your team mates on the red / blue colours” Yeah, if you don’t count radar, the red text above your enemies heads and the service tags

  6. The author’s tone came out as pretentious and judgmental.

    From what I could gather, he basically says that he hates the game without playing it.

    Essentially all you do tell us is how ignorant you are of the actual game content and that you have the gall to post opinions that aren’t even your own and then post it under your Pseudonym.

    Write your next article after doing some research instead of just paraphrasing and talking out of your ass.

  7. Wow. This being posted in the news section? Trolling or not, this doesn’t belong in Gaming News, and leaves a very unprofessional look on these blogs. While yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion (even if it’s borrowed word for word from someone else), throwing this in the news section just plain looks bad. I know I haven’t been very active in the community lately (things crop up), but this really makes me question my decision to use TSG as my source for gaming news. Anyway, with that, I’m done ranting.
    Take care and have a nice day.

  8. Sorry about that guys I dont know how this slipped past me. Lol people are entitled to their opinions but this opinion is definitely wrong. You can hate halo, just hate it for the right reasons. Some of these are just terrible

    Halo starts with the letter “H” also known as the WEAKEST letter in the alphabet thus making Halo a terrible game.
    Just an example of how people can have their opinions but sometimes people will just go out of their way to hate on a game.

    You can hate reach, just hate it for the right reasons.

  9. I am very familiar with the phrase “Haters gona hate” but im not hating, just stating my 2 cents just like Everlong did 😮
    Alright so with the first two points I sorta have to agree with you, but nyeh <w.> And I also found that this is one of the games that take the most aiming, with the timing and everything o.o I played a lot of games with the aim down sights and I just think it takes less skill. However thats just my old silly opinion. :0

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