A Big Hug for Portal 2

Portal 2 is fast approaching..  Valve isn’t helping the fan angst by releasing an amazing amount of interesting material that we can’t touch for several months.  PAX was no exception.  After the jump, check out the new co-op trailer as well as some adorable robot hugging screenshots that Valve is deciding to torture us with.

Source:  Joystiq

2 thoughts on “A Big Hug for Portal 2”

  1. There are gestures in-game. Ones you can do on your own, and ones you can do with another person if they acknowledge it. During a gameplay demo, one of the players initiated either a hug or a high-five, and the other one didn’t do anything. It then showed the player’s robot getting sad for a second, then returning to the first person perspective.

    It also showed them hugging after one of them died and came back to life… which was the other player’s fault. 😛

    Overall, the multiplayer in Portal 2 looks simple and AMAZING!

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