Arc Rise Fantasia Release Looking Unlikely in Europe

Rising Star Games localizes many of Ignition’s and Xseed’s titles for Europe, but Arc Rise Fantasia may not be as fortunate. The release of the game had continued to get pushed  back, and now, Rising Star Games has removed the title from their release schedule.

The title launched in North America this Summer, and wasn’t received well by critics. According to VGchartz, the title only moved 50,000 units in North America. Stack on top some terrible voice acting, and you don’t exactly have a formula for success on the market.

Everyone knows I hate titles not being localized, and it is only so much worse due to the Wii’s region-locking. Sorry to anyone in Europe who was looking forward to the title. On the bright side, at the very least there is a translation in English. And if you’re reading this post, that shouldn’t be a problem.

(Source: Aussie-Nintendo)

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