Bangai O HD Remake coming to XBLA

Treasure, the company behind such memorable classics such as Gunstar Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, Mischief Makers, Guardian Heroes, Ikaruga and so on has confirmed a port of one of their previous games: Bangai O to XBLA in HD for 800 Microsoft points. Bangai O was a puzzle/shooting game released for the Dreamcast worldwide and for the N64 in Japan (which is said to be the superior version). More people however are likely to be familiar with the sequel Bangai O Spirits for the DS which in my mind was one of the most fun games on the system. More after the jump.

Bangai O contains over 100 levels which is an improvement over the original 44 levels found in both versions. As wll as that, it also contains a level editor which was a feature added into the sequel game and allowed users to share levels with each other using encrypted sound tat could be played through the DS’s inbuilt microphone (It has been confirmed that levels can beshared like this through XBLA). It is unknown which version they will be working from or if they plan to include the changes into both (N64 has a better combo system, Dreamcast has improved graphics and sound etc). So while you go away and think of levels to build, I’ll leave my impressions of the news here.

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    1. Get the DS Sequel, that will tell you everything you need to know (these games aren’t exactly plot heavy what with all the story being in the tutorial and all).

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