Cammie Dunaway Leaving Nintendo

Cammie Dunaway has been at Nintendo for only three years, but it is time for her to part ways with the company.

Nintendo announced today that Cammie will be leaving the company on October 1st. She will be accepting a position outside of the video game industry, so we probably won’t be seeing much of her anymore.

Not sure if anyone is disappointed or not, but it will be fun to see a new face at Nintendo when her position is filled.

I still miss George Harrison, who left the company back in 2007.

(Source: CVG)

7 thoughts on “Cammie Dunaway Leaving Nintendo”

  1. That’s weird, my comment disappeared. (Now watch it reappear and make me look like a double poster).

    Anyway, who is this? I googled her and all I could find is she appeared at E3 2008 and she’s leaving gaming entirely. No actual mention of what she does for Nintendo.

  2. She had something to do with marketing, I believe. She was branded as the “casual” figure of Nintendo of America after her horrendous E3 ’08 performance. (This was not her fault, though, as she simply did what her superiors said to do.)

    1. So does this mean she was the voice behind the marketing scheme that is “Wii is for casual gamers, DS is for hardcore gamers” which has resulted in the Wii being fun and hugely successful, but if you’re a serious gamer you should probably get a 360 or PS3? And by “serious gamer” I mean a player who likes games that are/can be hard. An actual challenge, not a fake challenge vis a vis New Super Mario Brothers Wii. A game which people with any Mario experiance can beat in less than 5 hours, but the fake challenge comes in the guise of Collet all the Coins! And don’t get me started on the Super Guide.

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