Dawn of War II: Retribution Trades Windows Live Support for Steamware

Relic Entertainment, the developers behind Warhammer 40K have given us a bit of a surprise involving Dawn of War II, the second expansion for the RTS game. The expansion will not launch with Windows Live Support, but instead, it will feature Steamware support. That’s right. You can soon play Warhammer 40K on Steam. The main difference s that you can now have Steam achievements, Steam Chat, and the ability to play with your friends on Steam (obviously).Retribution will launch as a standalone expansion. Relic has confirmed that there will be major twists to the campaign by adding other races, one of which is an Ork.

Owners of Dawn of War: II and Dawn of War: II Chaos Rising will be getting a beta for the online component next year.

(Source: Giantbomb)

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