Donkey Kong Country Returns Details

Yeah, so I’m a little crazy about Donkey Kong Country Returns at the minute but I just saw these details for the first time and thought I’d share them. Loads of new details about the up and coming game after the jump.

  • You can climb grassy textures by pressing B
  • Therefore you can climb across rock surfaces with grass on them
  • Co-op mode is jump-in/out, but only when on the world map
  • ‘Sunset Shores’ is the silhouette level from the trailer
  • By paying attention to the background you can uncover many hidden treats
  • In the distance there are staggered rock formations moving in perspective, these rock formations converge to form a giant banana. Stop and take notice of this banana to earn banana coins
  • Banana coins can be spent outside the levels on extras
  • In ‘Stormy Shore’ leap across platforms floating in the ocean while the waves go up and down
  • the ‘Crazy Cart’ level has changed since the 3D build, you can now jump with the cart instead of jumping out of it
  • There is a dynamic camera, where the camera will roll in close at certain points
  • ‘Button Bash’ is a level filled with a huge network of barrels to blast out of. The end of this level has you blasting into the mouth of a giant monkey totem in the distance, but you have to time this to when his mouth is open
  • In ‘Damp Dungeon’ you can navigate platforms rotating on giant water-powered mills, and raise platforms using Donkey Kong’s “blowing” mechanic to power the mill
  • In ‘Temple Topple’, Rambi returns and he’s pretty indestructable. He can run through walls and spike but he can be hurt by fire. Jump through fire hoops with Rambi and collect bonus bananas, coins, KONG letters, puzzle pieces and 1-up red balloons at the same time
  • ‘Overworld’ is a 3D island that players can explore
  • Each segment of the island is a world with its own collection of levels to explore. Locked paths are represented by chains and padlocks across the road

Visit here for 38 screenshots of the game.

And here’s a video of the Rambi trailer.

(Source: GoNintendo)

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