Final Fantasy Legend III DS

The team over at SaGa are currently working on a remake for Final Fantasy Legend III, originally a Gameboy game, otherwise known as Saga III: Ruler of Space-Time in Japan. As you would expect, this game will be turn-based RPG. The story of Final Fantasy Legend III combines fantasy and sci fi elements. The player will assume the role of 3 characters who were sent back in time to prevent a massive global flood (Hyrule anyone? Just kidding, of course). Final Fantasy Legend was also recieved fairly well, so SaGa hopes to make the game even better. SaGa 3 Ruler of Space-Time: Shadow or Light. We recently got new scans of the remake from a magazine name Famitsu. The game was first released in 1991 (1993 in North America), so the remake will be coming around the time of its 20 year anniversary.

After the jump, check out these new scans.

As you can see, the game has been updated with some awesome 3D, cel-shaded graphics. The game will still play out like the original, though. Depending on what they eat, characters can turn into “beasts” or “mechs.” Surprisingly, Arthur, the protagonist of the game and the hero who traveled through time, isn’t on the scan.

A Japanese release date hasn’t been confirmed, but the screenshots sure make me excited for the game. Let’s hope it does find its way over to the US sometime soon.

(Source: Siliconera)

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  1. It probably won’t see a U.S. release considering that the DS version of SaGa II didn’t get one. I really hope it does get a release though, because SaGa III is my favorite in the series and it’s one of the few original GameBoy games I keep around in my GBA case.

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