Goldeneye 007 Multiplayer Modifiers

Almost every game can become a bit boring if played repetitively. Luckily, Goldeneye 007 won’t feel as repetitive (although it IS a remake) if played for hours on end thanks to the new multiplayer modifiers.

The effect of each modifier can change the way the game is played and adds new objectives to the game. Similar to the Special Brawls in SSBB, the modifiers can be accessed from a menu before the match and allows players to turn on any of the modifiers that they choose. Of course, you can always have more than one modifier turned on at a time.

The types of modifiers range from “melee only” to “invisible.” But the awesome aspect of this feature is that you could have BOTH (and possibly even more modifiers) on at the same time, so, for example, you could go around punching other people you can’t see. Of course, your not only limited to these two type of modifiers.

After the jump, check out a trailer showing off this new feature.

[viddler id=885dbf54&w=437&h=288]

I wonder how many times I wrote “modifier”

(Source: Joystiq)

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