Guide to Unlock the Secret Ending of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is now playable for you Americans on PSP and just like the previous games in the series, there’s a secret ending. Read the guide after the jump to know how.

Requirement 1. The PSP title has 4 difficulty settings: beginner, standard, proud and critical. You cannot unlock the secret ending at all in beginner mode and although you can on the standard setting yet this is difficult and time consuming as you have to get 100% in the ‘Reports’ menu by finding all the items, stickers, and Xehenort’s reports as well as fighting every enemy and beating all the mini games in the whole of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

So because of all that it is highly recommended to unlock the ending under the proud difficulty setting. Here you will only have to find all of Xehanort’s Reports.  

2. To get the secret epilogue you must complete all 3 main character’s stories – with all of Xehanort’s Reports acquired. Most of the reports will be given to you although some can easily be missed so if you want to see the locations of all 13 reports then visit here.

If you do not get all of the reports first time, unlocking the ending gets more complicated as you will have to replay the game to get all the reports and then repeat one of the 3 main character’s stories.. So be careful and make multiple save files.

3. After you complete the game with all 3 characters and find all the reports you have to create a new save file called ‘Final Episode’. In this epilogue, you must fight and defeat the final boss using Aqua in the Radiant Garden world. Note that before this you can explore other worlds to level up and find powerful items before visiting the Radiant Garden.

4. After defeating the final boss and saved your cleared file, you should see the following message pop up when you open the Trinity Archives option in the main menu screen:

“Blank Points” has been unlocked in Theatre

You will find the secret ending for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep at the bottom of the list of viewable cutscenes in the Theatre section of Trinity Archives. Well done! (:

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  1. I’m almost there with the final ending. Even though I’m on Proud Mode, I’m trying to get every journal entry possible before I unlock it. It’s hard to do on each mode!

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