Halo Reach Community Stream Night Oct.1

Friday October 1st starting at 6pm central we will be streaming Halo Reach and playing with all of you guys! What’s cool about us streaming on October 1st is that it kicks off ACT Today’s first month in the $50,000 bracket of the Pepsi Refresh contest. They are dropping down from $250,000 to the $50,000 category to give themselves a better chance to win. In the $250,000 category, only the top 2 won the prize money, in the $50,000 category the top 10 win. With the Halo Reach community stream night we can help them get off to a good start for the month of October. We will offer some voting incentives during the stream to get us to stream Saturday night as well. Chase is already talking crap, so be sure to have your game faces ready.

We chose Halo Reach because of all the hype swirling around it right now and I would guess that it also has the biggest reach (see what I did there?) amongst our community, minus Pokemon. We will also use the streaming opportunity to promote our upcoming Castlevania marathon, Oct 29-31. We are going to try and promote this community event to outsiders of the TSG community so that we can help ensure a successful marathon at the end of the month. We are still working out the charity info, I hope to have that for you guys soon.

As far as game types, rules and all that jazz concerning Halo Reach, I’ll have Chase type up the details and I’ll post them here. Of course, you can catch all the action here on www.TheSpeedGamers.com

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