How To Get Banned From Xbox Live

Everyone knows the obvious boring ways to be banned from Xbox Live such as installing a mod chips or just pretty much being an ass by constantly throwing insults around. Why not be a bit more creative?

Check out some interesting ways to have your account or gamertag banned after the jump guys.


1. Use your name as your gamertag – In 2008, Richard Gaywood from the UK had to be banned for using his name as his gamertag after some people were ‘personally offended’ by his actual name and complained. I would’ve thought people complaining about being offended would be even more offending to the innocent gamer with an unfortunate name. The name ain’t even that bad. Even so, a simple surname causes a need for a ban.

2. Enter your town name into your profile – This is another stupid one. A gamer from West Virginia has recently had their account suspended for living in Fort Gay.  Come on..

3. Express your political views – A 15 year old was banned for having ‘Obama’ in their gamertag. An Xbox spokesperon thought the president might be hurt by this and said, “If you were Obama, what would you feel if you saw this?”

4. Reference espionage – Back in 2008, a player was inexplicably banned for using the name ‘Sputnik’ – a Cold War Soviet spy satellite.

5. Generally be a good Microsoft customer – Last year a customer’s console was banned for no reason at all. Wow. That’s stupid.

Have fun finding new random ways to be banned, it seems pretty much anything could do it.

(Source: myce)

9 thoughts on “How To Get Banned From Xbox Live”

  1. Well, the first two can just be attributed to putting ‘***’ anywhere in your personal information. I didn’t know about the others, though; it seems really odd to ban someone for using ‘Sputnik’.

  2. #3: Really? REALLY? Obama’s amazingly thick-skinned already for taking the verbal abuse he does without being tempted to shoot himself in the head. He definitely wouldn’t mind someone having his name on his gamertag, even if “sux” immediately followed “Obama”.

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