Is Mickey Turning Into A Jerk?

Since when did Disney turn Mickey into a selfish jerk?

At the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle over the weekend, Disney allowed people to play the first level of Epic Mickey, this fall’s big Wii game. This level is mainly tutorial, teaching you how to run, jump and spray paint and thinner on the space of the world – making things appear and disappear.

Here’s the interesting part, Mickey can make moral decisions too. At one part in the level you find one of Mickey’s friends, a little Disney Gremlin, standing on a catapult near a treasure chest. You can decide to either save your friend the Gremlin and win a gold pin but not be allowed to open the treasure chest OR catapult him to his possible death and have the chest all to yourself. Be a good Mickey or an evil one?

Making different moral decisions determines how your game will turn out, eg: the experience can be slightly different every time. Other decisions include whether to spray enemies with thinner to defeat them or with paint to befriend them (odd but true). As the player tends to either be more nice or more mean little floating specks of colour begin to follow Mickey acting as a sort of shield and either beat up enemies or befriend them for you depending on which side you lean to.

It’s still unclear how a lot of this variation will work out in the game but hopefully it will give players a lot of flexibility in their playing style and how they express the morality of their character.

The video after the jump shows gameplay of said level and shows Mickey saving the gremlin guy at the end. Epic Mickey to be released exclusively for Wii on November 1st in North America.

(Source: Kotaku)

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