Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2012? Probably Not Happening

Kingdom Hearts II came out in like, what, 2006? Okay, 2005 in Japan. But, whatever. The matter of fact is, we are still here four to five years later with no sign of Kingdom Hearts 3.

So with the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts is coming up in the next couple of years, one has to wonder if Square-Enix will try to have something special for 2012. And while it seems that they will try to have something special, it probably won’t be Kingdom Hearts 3 according to Nomura.

2012 is the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, so we’d like to do something to celebrate. However, I’ll say this up front, just because it’s the 10th anniversary, we still won’t have KH3 out (laughs).

Yeah, he laughed in your face. It was pretty easy to tell he was just joking in terms of actually bringing it up, but the question is if there is any truth behind it. With Final Fantasy Versus XIII possibly being pushed into 2012, we have to wonder when we will actually see Kingdom Hearts 3. And if we do, how long till it actually comes out after.

(Source: andriasang)

7 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2012? Probably Not Happening”

  1. >:/

    Ok GAIZ. We all meet up at the NYC airport. At dawn, we launch the aircraft attack against Square Enix Headquarters, dropping many many singing greeting cards with Justin Beiber’s face and voice echoing throughout the ages. We then take over the airwaves and annouce we will only remove the cards programming if KH3 is released in the next year.

    Ready? BREAK!

  2. Nah, it almost definitely won’t. SE confirmed they want 1 KH game each year. Re:coded next and 3D after probably. I won’t predict III until at least 2013, where we’ll all be dead from 2012 anyway (kidding)

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