Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep Final Mix Revealed

Looks like Square Enix isn’t done milking the Kingdom Hearts fandom for all the money it’s got.  They have such an abusive relationship with their fans [including myself].  It’s simply not healthy…

Anyway, the first scan of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts  : Birth By Sleep Final Mix has been revealed.  Notable differences from the scans seem to be that Captain Dark will be  making a co-op appearance, as well as a hooded man in the Organization XIII styled garb taking on Terra.

Check out the full page scan after the jump.  Or you can feel the frustration and rage that American players like myself have with not being able to get the game available in English, and instead go to your gmail account and write a strongly worded letter to your senator.

Source:  GamingEverything

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  1. One good thing that I read on khinsider about this is that it might now have much new stuff in it at all thats different then the NA and EU releases since those got alot of new stuff in them. So lets hope thats the case since we most likely won’t get them.

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