MAG 2 Confirmed by an Unlikely Source

We got confirmation on the sequel to the hit FPS game for the PS3, MAG: Massive Action Game. However, the interesting story isn’t so much the announcement but rather, the announcer. The listing for the game was seen on Walmart’s website, stating that you could get your hands on the game on January 25th, 2011 if you wish to preorder it. Additionally, the game’s listed price is the standard $60.

Because the game has not been officially announced by Zipper Interactive, we don’t know too much about the game. My guess is that Zipper will double the amount of people who can participate in one game, making the number a whopping 512 players…but maybe not.

Jokes aside, it is possible that we could get some more info on the game on the Tokyo Game Show sometime next week. Until then, we can express gratitude to whoever posted the listing and has probably been fired for his mistake.

(Source: Walmart)

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