Mega Man Legends Fans Will Be “Happy Soon” According to Former Capcom Director

Former Capcom director Hideki Kamiya teased through a series of tweets that something was in store for the Mega Man Legends series.

The first tweet read,”Oh, finally, I was introduced to Capcom’s Kawano-san today, who was also the maker of Rockman DASH [Megaman Legends’ Japanese name]. But when I told him the wish to “make a sequel to DASH” from a certain person, he gave me some sort of grin… If it’s good it’s good I suppose… Goodnight.

Simple and harmless enough. But the tweet that followed implied that Kamiya knows something we don’t. “If you’re Dash fan, you’ll be happy soon.

Of course, a tease like that could be anything, like a PSN rerelease, some cool merchandise, or having the Legends version of Mega Man in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Fans tweeted back in hope to find out more. When asked about the possibility of Legends 3 he answered, “All I can tell is just wait.” He then again later replied to a similar question about Legends  3 saying, “Just wait and see.

Capcom has talked a lot about Mega Man Legends 3 in the past, but we have yet to see any sort of action taken on the series aside from a Japanese PSP rerelease of the first two titles. I don’t think its a question of if Mega Man Legends 3 will happen, just a matter of when it will happen.

We will have to wait and see what kind of surprise awaits us in the future for the Mega Man Legends series.

(Source: Protodude’s Rockman Corner)

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