Megaman Universe Details

Capcom’s Blog decided to detiail to of the customizable elements of the new Megaman Universe. It is a traditional megaman with a cartoony style that does not sacrifice the exactness of the NES style.

The blog post highlighted that the game will not only feature a level creation tool but you will also be able to create you own megaman from different pieces. These Megamen will have different abilities and other stuff so you can make one that are better for certain levels over others.

There are some screenshots after the jump and you can check the official release here at Capcom’s website.

5 thoughts on “Megaman Universe Details”

    1. I’m not a fan of it either. On the Gameplay video post I stated I’d lost like 85% of my interest. Finding out you can customize your Player Character has caught some of it back again though.

  1. So basically this is an expanded version of the creation aspects of Mega Man Powered Up. That’s nice and all, but I’m hoping for some more interesting details in the future. Oh and I think the art style is alright – at least they don’t appear to be using the art as an excuse to screw up the physics of the game.

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