Microsoft TGS Press Conference Wrap Up

Microsoft’s press conference over at the Tokyo Game Show was certainly something to see. We got details on over 10 games, some of which, were newly announced.

After the jump, check out the recap of all the action from Microsoft’s press conference.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

-First up, Shigenobu Matsuyama, producer of Metal Gear Solid: Rising, came up to talk to us about the game. Apparently, one of the Kogeko arm enemies from Metal Gear Solid 4 will be a character in Rising and can spin a watermelon on its finger and juggle while Raiden tries to cut the watermelon. Nothing out of the ordinary there. It doesn’t seem like MGS: Rising will have Kinect support.

Halo: Reach

-Next up, Phil Spencer, VP of Microsoft Game Studios, informs us that Halo: Reach has generated 2oo Million Dollars in day one sales. But did you honestly expect anything less?

Fire Pro Wrestling

-Moving on, we learn that Microsoft will be making 5 new partners, with the first one being Spike. From this partnership comes Fire Pro Wrestling, a revival of Spike’s Fire Pro Wrestling series. The game is said to feature Avatars.

Radiant Silvergun

-Moving down the list, we learned that Radiant Silvergun, one of the most sought after games on the Sega Saturn, will be making its way onto the Xbox Live Arcade in 2011. The game will feature a “secret Ikaruga playing style,” as well as online co-op and downloadable replays.


– The conference now moved on into the main event: The Kinect. The first game we got to see is a cartoony-style “horror” game called Haunt.

Project Draco

-After the trailer for Haunt was shown, Yukio Futusagi from Grounding came up on stage to talk about a game in which you ride dragons using the connect. The game is to be called Project Draco. Sorta sounds like Panzer Dragoon to me.

Codename D

-After Panzer Dragoon…er…Project Draco, Suda 51, the CEO of Grasshopper, came up on stage to talk about their newest game for Kinect. He started by saying that this game would have no guns or swords. A trailer showed us the game takes place in what looks like a carnival. The player is seen blowing up guys in tiger masks with exploding baseballs…This was my favorite part of the entire conference.

Dr Kawashima’s Body and Brain Training was then slated for an early 2011 release.

Child of Eden

-Next, we got some footage for Child of Eden. The footage featured a level with flowers, sky, and light. The level shown at E3 is called Matrix. Apparently, there was also a URL which you could visit to “help created the end of Child of Eden.” Child of Eden was said to to be about purifying the world, which makes sense based on the title.

Sega’s Rise of Nightmares

-A trailer for this strange game was showed and depicted “tortured people and a weird soundtrack.” Not much else is really known about the game, except that it will feature Kinect, of course.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

-Last, but certainly not least, was Capcom’s newest game: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, a new addition to the series. We weren’t told much about the game, but we know that the game will appeal to “core gamers.” I find it ironic how the game’s title is Heavy Armor, and yet, you are no longer required to use the “Heavy Armor” that was the controller (due to the Kinect using no controllers at all.)

Old Steel Battalion controller. That is some pretty "Heavy Armor"

That concludes the recap of Microsofts TGS press conference. Did the things you saw here convince you to buy a Kinect, or just facepalm? Whatever the case may be, there are certainly a lot of new interesting titles that we can expect in the near future.

The Tokyo Game Show has just begun, so keep checking back for more news. Sony will be having their press conference a little bit later on in the day, so keep your eyes peeled.

(Source: 1up)

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