NBA Jam Now a Standalone Product on 360 and PS3

Well, here was the original deal. If you bought NBA Elite 11, you would get NBA Jam for free on 360 or PS3.  While the title was going to have features stripped away from it, unlike the Wii version, , the 360 and PS3 versions is going to feature online play, which is a major selling point.

Now, NBA Elite 11 has been delayed for an unspecified period of time. As for NBA Jam, it will now be released as a standalone product on the HD platforms. Details about the release were not announced though. Will it be downloadable via XBLA or PSN? Will it be a budget retail release? Do we still get a copy of the game with NBA Elite 11? No idea.

NBA Jam is scheduled for release this Holiday season on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Wii version is set to release on October 5th.

(Source: Joystiq)

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