Nintendo Announces Two New WiiWare Titles; BIT.TRIP.FATE Announced

On WiiWare we see a lot of stuff. A lot of that stuff probably isn’t very good stuff. So when Nintendo makes some stuff, we pay attention to that stuff. Why? Cause it’s some good stuff.

Nintendo announced that they have two all new WiiWare titles heading to the service. The first title, Fluidity, seems like a very Loco Roco style game, without the supercuteness of Loco Roco.

The second title, Surinuku Anatoousu, has only been announced for Japan. The title looks like a combination between Tetris and Muscle March where players have to guide falling blocks into certain shaped holes.

And while we are here and talking about WiiWare, Gaijin Games revealed BIT.TRIP.FATE. The title is another entry in the BIT.TRIP. series. This entry plays like a side scrolling shooter.

You can check out trailers for all three titles after the jump.


Surinuku Anatoousu


(Surinuku Anatoousu Source: andriasang)
(Fluidity Source: GoNintendo)

One thought on “Nintendo Announces Two New WiiWare Titles; BIT.TRIP.FATE Announced”

  1. Well, I’ve known about Bit.Trip Fate for a while now, but it’s nice to finally have a video of it (looks great, btw).

    And Fluidity looks like a mix between Loco Roco and Mercury.

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