Nintendo Conference 2010 Highlights

The Press Conference is over, and here are the highlights. There is some important 3DS news…Enjoy!

*UPDATE* Trailers and other videos now at the bottom of the post

  • Wii Remote Plus (Wii Remote and Wii Motion+ combined basically)
  • The Last Story to be released January 27th, 2011
  • 3DS will support Miis
  • “Tag Mode” will enable the 3DS to receive data from other 3DS’s in sleep mode
  • “Tag Mode” will also retain data from games, so you don’t need to have a specific game in the system in order to get the tag data.
  • Pseudo-multi-tasking, you can hit the home button to launch certain apps while in game
  • The 3DS’s camera can be used to take a picture of yourself to use a template for your Mii
  • Mii’s can be saved to an SD card and converted to a QR code which you can send to a friend and they can take a picture of the QR code and instantly receive your Mii
  • Tag Mode Mii Plaza, collects Mii’s from 3DS’s you have receive tag data from
  • 3DS hardware can auto merge two photos into one
  • Cradle for 3DS
  • Street Fighter IV 3DS will use Wi-Fi to receive fight requests
  • 3DS can connect to Wi-Fi in sleep mode and automatically download game data such as rankings.
  • 3DS launch February 26th, 2011 for Japan, cost is 25,000 Yen
  • March 2011 launch for North America and Europe, no price given
  • Two colors available at launch: Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black
  • 3DS will come with 2GB SD
  • GB, GBA, and other classic games will be 3D enhanced and will be sold on the VC service (games shown: Link’s Awakening DX and Super Mario Land)
  • 3DS will supposedly revitalize sales for 3rd party games
  • Developers shown: Capcom, Kojima Productions, Square Enix, Level-5
  • Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D in development (Separate from Revelations that was shown at E3)
  • Level-5 believes the 3D effect will allow for better puzzle design.
  • Tetsuya Nomura (who has worked on Final Fantasy, The World Ends With You, and Kingdom Hearts) announced a Kingdom Hearts game for the 3DS. He also expressed interest in bringing other titles.

Additional Aftermath Roundup:

  • Capcom annouced via Twitter that Mega Man Legends 3 will be on the 3DS
  • Oculin will love this — Project LovePlus 3DS announced (video)
  • DSiWare titles will be able to be transferred to the 3DS.


3DS Overview:

Video of 3DS Game Lineup:

Street Fighter IV 3DS Trailer:

DS Lineup:

Wii Lineup:

(Sources: GoNintendo, Joystiq)

20 thoughts on “Nintendo Conference 2010 Highlights”

  1. *ahem* *Entering Rant Mode* If you any of you guys usually pay attention to Serebii (which I feel many of you do) you would have seen the yen to usd conversion he did…… $300 bloody dollars o_O. WTF Nintendo!? Now I know this ain’t set in stone and all, but now it makes sense about why the president of Sony said what he said about the 3ds back at E3 or GTS, or TGS, I forget >.>. He basically said he didn’t believe int he power of the 3ds to have true 3D ability, cause Sony itself had tried the smae on a portable console of their own (won’t name names >.>), but if he had been alerted of the price point, he would have been singing a different tune o.o. I mean if he was dealing with that kinda money then he wouldn’t have worried about making portable 3D tech himself. But he wouldn’t want to be dealing wiht that kinda money, especially after the whole original price point of the ps3 fiasco. I’m just shocked that we “COULD” (emphasis on could) be looking at a $300 dollar portable system. I mean that’s more than the bloody wii O_O. *Rant Mode Disengaged* I digress, we will all eventually wait to see how this turns out. Also MEGAMAN LEGNEDS 3, OH MY GOOOOOOOD PLOX PLOX PLOX *Fatal Error* *System reboot* “I am Godzilla, insert girder.”

    1. I highly doubt it’s going to be 300 dollars, the price points tend to wind up differing between Japan and North America. The DSi and DS Lite were 18,900 and 16,800 yen respectively when they were released in Japan, which converts to roughly 226 and 200 dollars US, but they both wound up being cheaper than that once they were released here.
      I’m going to guess it’s gonna fall anywhere between 239.99 and 259.99

  2. It hasn’t been confirmed, but the 3DS will probably be region-locked.

    And as far as price goes, I guessing that it will be around $250 when it finally come out in NA next March.

    I am totally going to get the Aqua Blue 3DS with Paper Mario 4, Pokemon Black/White, and the Professor Layton game for the 3DS(whenever the game actually comes out)

  3. Woot for GBA games! 😀 I was really disapointed when the Dsi didn’t allow you to play GBA games but this makes the 3ds that much better. It’s like a Wii+a ds/lite+the dsi, i think… Anyway I hope the price for North America is 250$ cause I probably won’t get it sooner if it moves higher…

  4. Seeing all these games, and the virtual console, it makes this look 100 times better than expected…and it looked amazing before all of this. Paper Mario 4 and Kid Icarus are probably my most anticipated games. When I heard that a virtual console was present that could possibly mean Mother 3. Hopefully there will be since I’m sick of playing the japanese version, but knowing America and Mother it’s unlikely. From what I heard the price of the 3DS itself was $300 but I could be wrong.

    1. Forgot to mention with Link’s Awakening DX coming for the Virtual console, hopefully the Oracle game will come and Pokemon Red and Blue. That would be amazing. That Wii game which seem as remakes of a couple of the Mario games looks rather interesting, although they look like the Super Mario Advance games. The DS Kirby game looks pretty cool too with the bunch of Kirbys. I’ll definetely have to look more into that one.

  5. “•Mii’s can be saved to an SD card and converted to a QR code which you can send to a friend and they can take a picture of the QR code and instantly receive your Mii”

    Ahem…. F*** YEAH! I want to see more camera/scanner application. Those android and iPhone apps that scan barcodes, look up the product, and give you reviews/pricing are cool, but this is cooler. Do I see an opportunity to revitalize the Skannerz type games? I hope so, cause dang that had potential.

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