No Heroes Allowed! Announced for the PSP

A little late on this one, but with all the news we’ve been getting lately, its difficult to shell out every story that comes out. But I digress.

No Heroes Allowed! is the newest game in the Badman franchise. For those of you unfamiliar with said franchise, it revolves around Dungeon Strategy. The main goal of the franchise is to help Badman take over the world by killing unsuspecting heroes in a dungeon of your creation. You set out on many dungeon digging adventures in the process. You can check out details on No Heroes Allowed! after the leap.

[viddler id=5909537b&w=437&h=288]

The game certainly looks pretty cool. Personally, I really enjoy the music as well. We can see from the trailer that the game will have multiplayer support, which is always a plus. Apparently, the game will feature main story mode where you help Badman conquer the world across 33 stages. Additionally, the Dungeon-A-Day mode will allow you to try 100 challenge per day. Also for the first time in the Badman series, players will have the opportunity to experience multiplayer!  Here some pics of the game:

Do ya dig it?

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

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