Only 6,000 copies of DJ MAX 3 to be shipped to North America

DJ MAX 3, The benami rhythm game for the PSP will only getting 6,000 copies for it’s retail release, 5,000 being standard editions with a further 1,000 copies being the exclusive limited edition. The reason for this release is: to quote Micheal Yum who is the executive produce of Playmaker Studios:

“We wanted to focus on our next gen games for retail and we felt the PSP market was leading more towards digital distribution. Plus we have been very happy with our PSN results on Strikers and DJ Max Fever so we think DJ Max Portable 3 would also be a great addition,”

For anyone worried about never getting a chance to play the game then don’t worry as the game will then be released 5 days on PSN on October 19th so there is no need to worry about playing Project DIVA Lite. For anyone who can’t wait that long, DJ Max Fever is currently avaliable on PSN for North American and European PS3 users.

Source: (Siliconera)

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