Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version Monthly Update: August 2010

Here at TSG, Pokémon is one of the most talked about gaming franchises, from the Wi-Fi Battle League to the countless discussion forums. Back in July, I wrote an article for the Pokémon community describing all of the new details we learned about the upcoming Pokémon Black & White Versions that month. Since then, we’ve learned a lot of new information, so I figured it was time to write a new one. Special thanks to the1stpkmnfan, who *sort of* requested this, even though I was planning on doing it anyway. You can check out the August Update for Pokémon Black & White Versions after the jump. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy.

New Pokémon
We’ll start off with what makes Pokémon such a fun and successful series: The Pokémon. Without them, this series would be, well, nothing! As of the 4th generation, there were a 493 unique Pokémon. However, we now know that this total will reach well over 500 (and possibly even 600) when B/W is released. Needless to say, A LOT of new Pokémon were revealed over the past month, with the first one being:


First Revealed: July 30th, 2010
Type: Normal/Grass
Classification: Seasonal Pokémon
Height: 0.6 Meters
Weight: 19.5 KG
Abilities: Chlorophyll/Herbivore

Shikijika may look like a “Stantler rip-off” at first, but it’s actually quite an interesting Pokémon. Its classification isn’t for nothing. As the seasons change (more on that later), Shikijika’s coloring changes with it. Take a look:

Although most players will beat the main game without seeing more than one form, it is certainly interesting to see the effect that the climate has on certain Pokémon. Personally, I hope that the change is not purely cosmetic. It’s possible that we could see something similar to the Rotom forms introduced in Platinum, where each form had its own special move. I can’t wait to hear about some kid who bought Pokémon Black without any prior knowledge of the game, caught a Shikijika, and then thought his game was broken because Shikijika had changed colors over night.


First Revealed: July 25th, 2010

Type: Psychic/Fire

Classification: Victory Pokémon

Height: 0.4 Meters

Weight: 4 KG

Ability: Victory Star

While Victini was announced in July, I decided to include it in this article due to the fact that we knew next to nothing about Victini until August. Victini was first seen in a trailer for  Best Wishes, the fourth series in the Pokémon anime. However, we soon learned some very interesting details about this Legendary Pokémon. First, we learned of its interesting typing: Psychic/Fire. It certainly is an interesting combination, and it proves that you can’t guess a Pokémon’s type by its appearance. Many people suspect it to be the next “Mirage Legendary,” like Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, and Shaymin before it. For those competitive battlers out there, this means Victini should have base stats of 100 across the board. Next, we learned of its ability, Victory Star. As we’ve seen in the case of Manaphy’s Hydration ability, an ability could be the deciding point of whether a Pokémon with similar stats could be powerful enough to be classified as “uber.” Luckily, Victini’s ability did not dissapoint. Victory Star will raise the accuracy of both it and its partner(s) in Double and Triple Battles. Will it be good enough to secure a spot in Ubers? We’ll have to wait until the game comes out to see. Another surprising bit of info we learned about Victini is its number on the Isshu Pokédex. Victini was confirmed to be #000, posibly to avoid having it right in the middle of the Pokédex, as was the case with Manaphy in Platinum.

Of course, none of this information would be worth anything if you don’t know how to obtain Victini in the first place (unless you use Shoddy Battle). Luckily, Pokémon Sunday, a TV show that broadcasts on Sundays in Japan, gave us details on this as well. Like the case of the other mirage legendaries (with the possible exception of Manaphy), you can only acquire a Victini through an event, which will be triggered by an item called the Liberty Ticket. The ticket will allow you to travel to Liberty Garden Tower, where you can encounter Victini. This event will begin when the game launches. The fact that you can obtain this Legendary so early in the game may imply that Victini will be on the weaker side, but, once again, we’ll just have to wait until we can get our hands on Black and White to see.


First Revealed: July 31st

Type: Water/Flying

Classification: Swan Pokémon

Height: 1.3 Meters

Weight: 24.2 KG

Ability: Keen Eye/Pigeon Heart

Swana was first seen in a trailer of Black & White that showcased the new Pokémon Musicals. Aside from its appearance, we didn’t know too much else about this Pokémon until the September edition of CoroCoro, a Japanese Magazine that often reveals tons of Pokémon news, which released in Mid-August. However, aside from the information listed above, we still don’t know too much about Swana. However, we do know that it will be getting a new move called Windstorm, where the Pokémon’s accuracy changes with the weather. Is it me, or does the fact that Swana and Pelipper share the same type AND color scheme seem kind of odd?


First Revealed: August 8th, 2010

Type: Bug/Grass

Classification: Sewing Pokémon

Height: 0.3 Meters

Weight: 2.5 KG

Ability: Swarm/Chlorophyll

Kurumiru was first revealed accidentally on the Yahoo Japan website in an B/W update. However, Kurumiru was officially revealed in CoroCoro on August 8th. Kurumiru exists because Arceus knows we don’t have enough “worm” Pokémon. That and the fact that it has what is debatably the worst type in the entire game (Parasect can attest to that) gives me some doubts as to whether or not Kurumiru will actually have any value in its final evolved form, assuming it does evolve. In my opinion, it looks pretty cool, even superior to Caterpie, Weedle, and Wurmple design wise, but looks aren’t everything.


First Revealed: June 2010

Type: Rock

Classification: High Pressure Pokémon

Height: 1.5 Meters

Weight: 270 KG

Ability: Sturdy

Although we first saw Gigaiasu in a screenshot back in June, we knew nothing about it until August 7th, when it was announced on the Pokémon BW Tour. Personally, I’m a bit disappointed that Gigaiasu is a pure rock type, because it would have had much more potential had it had a second type. Who knows? Maybe we can still put the pressure on our opponents with this High Pressure Pokémon.


First Revealed: August 7th, 2010

Type: Electric/Flying

Classification: Flying Squirrel Pokémon

Height: 0.4 Meters

Weight: 5 KG

Ability: Static

Like Gigaiasu, Emonga was revealed as part of the BW Tour. Many speculate it to be the next “Pikachu rip-off” like Plusle, Minun, and Pachirisu before it. However, some speculate Emonga to actually be an evolution of Pachirisu. I hope for the latter, as Emonga would have better stats as an evolution than as its own species.

Fun Fact: Emonga is the first dual-typed electric type to be introduced to share both its typings with another Pokémon that is not part of its evolutionary family. It shares its type with Zapdos. Could we be seeing two top tier Electric/Flying types in Generation V? Probably not, but nothing is set in stone.


First Revealed: August 7th, 2010

(Further Details about this Pokémon are Unknown)

Darumakka was the third Pokémon revealed in the BW Tour. Not much is known about this curious little Pokémon, although it is speculated to be the prevolution of Hihidaruma. We’ll just have to wait for B/W for more info on this fiery fuzzball.

Tabunne & Basurao

The final two Pokémon to be revealed during the BW Tour. Not much is known about them at all. However, we DID get an awesome shot of Tabunne performing in a musical:


First Revealed: June 2010

Type: Ground

Classification: Mole Pokémon

Height: 0.3 Meters

Weight: 8.5 KG

Abilities: Sand Throw/Sand Power

Where do I start with Moguryu. It looks awesome, (the big eyes and claws are a plus) it’s got a decent typing, and its abilities are awesome. Sand Throw doubles a Pokémon’s speed in a sandstorm. Sand Power, on the other hand, increases the power of Ground, Rock, and Steel type moves in a sandstorm. With the popularity of sand teams, Moguryu and its evolution, Doryuzuu, are sure to be big hits competitively.


First Revealed: August 22nd, 2010

Type: Grass

Classification: Grass Monkey Pokémon

Height: 0.6 Meters

Weight: 10.5 KG

Ability: Gluttony

Finally, we have Yanappu, who was revealed on Pokémon Sunday. We had been teased with fake Yanappu merchandise for over a month before finally getting the real deal. This thing looks really awesome, and I bet he’ll promote eating broccoli at the same time. All I can say is, Yanappu has definitly secured a place on my team of Primape, Ambipom, and Infernape.

New Attacks

With new Pokémon comes new moves and strategies for using them. Here’s a list of all the new info we got on new moves, as well as some improvements to old moves.

-Complete Burn

Type: Fire

Effect: Destroys opponents Berry

Known Learn-base: Victini, Hihidaruma


Type: Currently Unknown

Effect: Increases accuracy during the weather

Known Learn-base: Swana

-Bug Resistance

Type: Currently Unknown

Effect: This attack allows the Pokémon to hit two foes at once (like Razor Leaf, Bubble, etc.). It can also lower the foe’s Special Attack.


Type: Currently Unknown

Effect: In Triple Battles, it will allow for the Pokémon to hit an opposing Pokémon that they would normally not be able to hit because of their location on the field. If the Pokémon is not holding an item, this attack does double damage.

Known Learn-base: Yanappu

-Heat Stamp:

Type: Fire

Effect: Currently Unknown

PP: 10

Known Learn-base: Pokabu


Type: Normal

Old Effect: Raises Special Attack by one stage

New Effect: Raises both Attack and Special Attack by one stage. (Good news for mixed sweepers.)

New Abilities

Victory Star-Both the Pokémon and its partners will have higher accuracy.

Pokémon confirmed: Victini

Herbivore:-The Pokémon’s attack stat is boosted when hit by a grass attack.

Pokémon confirmed: Shikijika

Healing Heart:- While the Pokémon is out, none of its teammates can have a status condition. My guess is that this will be worthless in Single Battles, but it could be interesting in Doubles and Triples.

Pokémon confirmed: Mamanbou

Sand Throw:- Doubles the Pokémon’s speed during a sandstorm. I get the feeling we’re going to see a lot of Sand Stream/Sand Throw combos.

Pokémon confirmed: Moguryu

Sand Power:- The Pokémon’s Rock, Steel, and Ground Type moves will be boosted during a sandstorm. It’s pretty cool, but I wish Game Freak would stop putting the name “sand” in so many abilities. I would’ve gone with Earth Power, but that name is already taken, so I’ll let it slide.

Pokémon confirmed: Moguryu


Old Effect: The Pokémon can not be hit by  1 hit KO or OHKO Moves (Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, Fissure, Guillotine). Since these moves are banned in competitive play, this ability WAS completely worthless.

New Effect: Works like a Focus Sash, which means that if the Pokémon has full HP, it will survive any attack with at least 1HP. Much better.

New Features

New Pokémon are a very big part of Black and White, but another aspect that will really interest gamers are the new features.

The first new feature we learned about were the changing of seasons. Each season will last one month, meaning you can experience the same season three times per year. Depending on the season, the area will have a different look. Your character will also change clothes depending on the season. In addition, you will only be able to catch certain Pokémon in a certain season, and the Pokémon you can find on a specific route vary depending on the season. Finally, there are areas and items only accessible in certain seasons. An example of this is a cliffside you can only reach in the winter when you can walk up a pile of snow.

The next new feature are the brand new Pokémon Musicals, which seems to be the new “Contest/Pokéathalon” feature. Although we are still in the dark about certain aspects of this feature, here’s a list of things we DO know:

-The Musicals will take place in “Music Halls”

-You can dress up your Pokémon in costumes. You’ll want to dress up your Pokémon to match the feel of the song.

-The costumes and props are stored in a Goods Case

-You can receive gifts from the audience

-There will be no battling aspect like in Contests.

-You and three other players must control Pokémon through rhythmic pieces. The better you keep to the music, the better your score will be.

-You can download songs for the Musicals. All I can say is: Miror B’s theme better be an option.

The next feature is the brand new Miracle Shooter, a new type of Wi-Fi Battle. Every turn, you can accumulate points, which you can then use to buy an item. Personally, I think that takes the fun out of the game. You would have killed your opponent but he went and used a Full Restore? No thank you. Although, I’ll have to try it first to see if the Miracle Shooter is really something that can be considered on par with the normal, competitive play.

Next, we had a very surprising announcement. TMs will no longer disappear after one use, meaning you can use them as many times as you like. Some speculate this would make the game too easy, as it would allow you to spam powerful moves with every member of your team. You could also reteach a TM to your Pokémon if it’s running low on PP. Hopefully, Game Freak will do something to balance this out, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

We knew about the Dream World for quite some time, however, we got some more big and unexpected news this month. First of all, berries will not grow in Isshu and you can only pick them in the Dream World. While this is pretty big, it doesn’t top this: Pokémon you catch in the Dream World may sometimes have different abilities than normal. So far, we know that a Vaporeon caught in the Dream World can have Hydration, and a Glaceon caught in the Dream World can have Ice Body. It is expected that all of the “Eeveelutions” will be getting new abilities. Of course, considering how Game Freak hates Flareon (rumor has it that a Flareon killed Satoshi Tajiri’s parents), it will probably get some worthless ability. Nevertheless, we also learned that a special distribution will allow you to catch the original starters, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, with new abilities. As of yet,we don’t know what these abilities are.

Black and White will once again have you collect 8 badges before challenging the Pokémon league. We were introduced to both Dento, the gym leader of Sanyou city, as well as Aloe, the gym leader in Shippou city. Both gyms feature you answering questions to reach the gym leader.


Up next are Rotation Battles, which allow you to have 3 Pokémon on the field, but only one can attack. The strategy is to predict if your opponent will rotate in a new Pokémon and base your decision on that.

The previously announced Battle Subway will work very similarly  to the Battle Tower. You will have to fight 7 trainers, which will reward you with Battle Points to spend on prizes. All Pokémon will be at Level 50 and this will feature Single, Double, and Mulit Battles. It is unknown if Triple or Rotation Battles can be fought here.

Finally, we have the introduction of Combination Attacks. In Double or Triple Battles, certain moves when used in a certain order will combine. For example, Water Oath and Fire Oath can combine to make a Rainbow. Water Oath and Grass Oath make a moor. Grass Oath and Fiery Oath make a fiery field. While the idea is cool, I’m not sure they will have too much use competitively, simple because you may have to sacrifice better moves so you can pull off combos. Choice items may even be required to make sure you get the moves in the right order as well. For some reason, I imagine Heat Stomp and Heart Stomp will be capable of combo as well, but don’t quote me on that.

We’ve certainly gotten a lot of info on Black and White in the past month. I hoped this article helped you if you haven’t been able to keep up with the news, forgot something you read earlier, or wanted to scan through the article just to tell me I forgot something 🙂 We don’t have an official North American release date, but you can import a Japanese copy of the game as soon as the game hits shelves on September 18th. Keep in mind that the October edition of CoroCoro will be releasing three days prior to the B/W release, so we’ll definitely learn a lot more at that time. Until then, this is Phantom, signing off.

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  1. Musicals? Really? I take Isshu with that. Not that it matters, I don’t do the contest/pokethon/whatever stuff anyway. And it’s a little disapointing to hear that berries won’t grow. One of my favorite parts of HG/SS was the portable berry pot. Quick changing seasons are a nice touch, as well as being able to catch pokemon you normally can’t catch (eeveelutions, starters) with alternate abilities.

  2. Holy crap! TMs are reusable now? Sturdy is now a Focus Sash? This is craziness! Game Freak wasn’t kidding when they said they were doing a lot of things different this generation!

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