Pokemon B/W : More Gen 5 Pokemon Leaked

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last 2 days, and you’re a pokemon fan, you probably already know all about this.  But the more casual gamers probably didn’t give it much thought or even a bit of notice.

The October edition of CoroCoro leaked this past Friday, and with it came around 17 “new” pokemon for the upcoming Pokemon Black and White release in 3 days.  For those that don’t wish to be spoiled, I’ve hidden it after the jump.

For more detailed information, check out Serebii.net, as they are the best source for all new and upcoming pokemon news.  I’ll also be covering the Black/White release once my import copy comes in next week and my impressions of the game.

On a less serious note, I am SO LOVING the afro-buffalo.  I mean…  How do you get more creative than that?

Source:  Bulbanews

9 thoughts on “Pokemon B/W : More Gen 5 Pokemon Leaked”

      1. Could be worse. Submited for the disdane of the Midnight Society: Disco Bison.

        Actually that sounds like a lame Maveric from Megaman X. “Get Equiped with Saturday Night Fever!” …. Nah I’m good.

  1. I don’t know why but I think I love that little mushroom guy. What’s your deal, little mushroom guy! You’re all, “HI I LOOK LIKE A POKEBALL”. I want to know your story, little mushroom guy.

  2. I wonder if the Mushroom is the new Voltorb/Electrode. You find a Pokeball on the ground, go to pick it up, but its a trap! It’s a wild Elec- I mean It’s a wild Mushroom!

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