Pokemon League “The Underground”

The league is soon to enter its 4th season and the crew has some new additions to the league. The one I’m highlighting today is called “The Underground”.
“Welcome to The Underground, friends. We’re pleased to present a place for everyone to enjoy the thrill and excitement of games, without the prying eyes of the law.
Below you will find a series of games ranging from slot machines to roulette; and as a special house gift we will start you all off with 10 coins. These coins are your currency for everything you will find in the underground. The more coins you earn the more rewards you shall gain.
Remember cheating in any form is strictly prohibited and will result in severe consequences
With that in mind we hope you will enjoy your stay while in the underground.

With compliments from,
The Don”
There’s even more big events within the underground coming in the future. It’s open for everyone to play and participate. Checkout the link below for full details.

7 thoughts on “Pokemon League “The Underground””

    1. This absolutly deserves a blog post. What makes TSG strong is that we have a powerful and active community. It’s the user driven content which brings us back time and time again. Sure, the writers giving us a filtered version of the big important gaming news helps, but it’s the stuff we as a group create which serves as the backbone of the community. Ana’s Art, the original content by our writers (What you talkin’ ’bout, When the Console Wars were Fun to Watch, etc), Psychotaku, and the forum Pokemon League.

      And when it’s something big like this, a Game Corner open for all players, it merits some front screen time.

    1. it’s a section of the forums where you can battle gyms and battle frontiers and stuff that are made by people from the community just like in the games ( 😉 and soon to have it’s own evil organization…)

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