Radiant Silvergun to be rereleased on XBLA

The lords of bullet hell themselves Treasure, fresh of the heels of announcing Bangai O: Missile Fury for XBLA have confirmed an announcement that fans have pleaded for, almost since XBLA was added to the 360: Radiant Silvergun is recieving a HD port for Microsoft’s console. Read more after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

For those not aware why this is so significant, let me explain: Radiant Silvergun is the spiritual prequel to Ikaruga which is shown from the same high difficulty of gameplay and is considered to be one of the finest games the company ever made. The game itself is a vertical shooter, similar to the CAVE games and Touhou however what made Radiant Silvergun different from the competition is that you started with seven different weapons to use, each with its own unique purpose which added a great deal of replay value and customisation in play style (similar to Gunstar Heroes weapon system). Added with a crazy nonsensical plot that Treasure has become famous for, abstract music and a unique chaining system that was later made better in Ikaruga.

The game was released in Arcades then on the Sega Saturn. The reason why this game is so sought after is because like other amazingly awesome Saturn games, the game is ridiculous expensive with copies ranging from ~$250 and the arcade boards almost impossible to find (Did I mention this game was only released in Japan?). It is emulatable however there are no current emulators that run the game perfectly and the games ISO’s are also very hard to find (Oh, and it’s illegal).

This is why this is an awesome announcement. For years, Treasure fans have cried out for this with hope renewed with the port of Ikaruga and now their prayers are answered. Instead of being a straight port, Treasure have given the game a graphical update (and as someone who has played the game, it needed one) alone with a new Ikaruga type of play style. I’ll just leave the trailer here before I talk about this game any more.

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