Resident Evil Creator Staying Clear of the 6th

Shinji Mikami is the creator of the hugely successful Resident Evil franchise but he has just revealed that he’s keeping his distance from Resident Evil 6.

Mikami is currently at Platinum Games working on putting the finishing touches to SEGA’s sci-fi action title: Vanquish. At Tokyo Game Show this week, the developer told us that no matter how good or bad Resident Evil 6 ends up being, he will still be frustrated by it.

“At the moment I’m nothing to do with that title, and don’t know what’s going on with it,” Mikami explained. “I haven’t heard any voices from users, so I can’t really comment on that. I’m trying not to actively seek out any information about that title, because even if it comes out a good game, there will always be some moments where I think ‘oh, I would have done that differently – I would have done this bit better’. Good or bad it will be frustrating either way. So I’m trying to shut myself down from that project.”

Resident Evil 6 was heavily rumoured to be one of Capcom’s biggest announcements at TGS but at the publisher’s press conference earlier this week there was no sign of it.

(Source: VideoGamer)

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