Rumor: Wii Announcements Coming October 11th

Nintendo just wrapped up their Nintendo Confrence where they mainly focused on Nintendo 3DS. The company still showed some stuff for Wii and DS, but it was a bit off to the side.

But the announcements may not be stopping there. According to French gaming website Live Wii, Nintendo will be having announcing some new Wii related details on the 11th of October. The information comes from an inside source, who gave the website a heads-up on Little Big Planet 2’s delay and the Wii Remote Plus before they were officially announced.

The source didn’t have any exact details, but there is a good chance we might be hearing more about the Wii’s Vitality Sensor which Nintendo left out from their E3 line up due to the atmosphere of the show. The source also doesn’t detail which region this information will be coming from.

Know what I want? An entire conference dedicated to the localization of Xenoblade, please!

You can check out the Wii software line-up video from Nintendo’s confrence which includes a new Rhythem Heaven and a new Fatal Frame (Rumored to be a Fatal Frame 2 remake)

(Via: GoNintendo)

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