SHHH! Secret Valkyria Chronicles Project

Keep this under your hat, but it seems like the Valkirya Chronicles Sega website that TSG recently covered might be revealed sooner than you think, and the chances of it being a sequel seems a little off now…

The website, now displays that it is not to be opened until 9/16, which is odd, because this is a day during the Tokyo Game Show.  I wonder what this could mean?  Hmmm…  Let’s all put on our thinking caps!

The number 1935 is what’s really interesting to me.  If this is the timestamp that the game occurs in, then it could possibly intersect with the events of Valkyria Chronicles I, but none of the silhouettes really look familiar [especially the lancer weapons and the buster sword ripoff in the middle], and the phrase above the date “Always Ready”, doesn’t ring any bells either.  Well, since it ripped off a world war pretty well, maybe it’ll rip off an interesting smaller skirmish.

Find out more later this month!

Source:  Joystiq

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