Sony Patents Possible Backwards Comparability Add-On for PS3

Have a PS3 that isn’t one of the original 80GB units? Need a way to play some awesome PS2 games?  Sony may be working on the answer.

A recent patent by Sony shows the possibility of a PS3 add-on that would allow the PS3 to play PS2 games. Essentially, it would be like a mini stripped down PS2 that would connect to the PlayStation 3. The device would have its own processor, DVD decoder / emulator, sound processor and graphics processor.

As of right now, this is simply a patent. And in many cases, patents don’t turn into products on the market. But I think this definitely has some demand.

Would you pick one up? How is your good old PS2 fairing?

(Source: Siliconera)

4 thoughts on “Sony Patents Possible Backwards Comparability Add-On for PS3”

  1. I do have a working PS2, but (assuming I ever get a PS3) I might get this just for the graphics resolution up-scaling. PS2 games played on my PS2 with no up-scaling look hideous on my HDTV.

  2. I would definitely get one, if for no other reason than to be able to put my PS2 version of FFXI to use again. The PS2 just isn’t powerful enough to handle the HDD and so FFXI led to a lot of disc read errors in PS2’s. I’m on my second one because of it. But I’ve also heard that the PS3 isn’t region blocked (I haven’t had enough motive to look real hard since the only Japanese game I own is a PS2 game, but this is just hear say from people around me and no research on my part.) It would be nice to be able to play my KH2FM+ without having to burn it off on a disc just to be able to use with Free McBoot.

    On that note, I’m keeping my PS2 as well since I can play FFXII Zodiac Job System and DQVr in English thanks to Free McBoot.

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