Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Roundup

September 13th! I’m sort of late for the Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary, but its still the right day… kind of. Either way, there is some pretty cool stuff thanks to the 25th anniversary of the hit NES title. You can check out all the details, images, and videos after the jump.

First of all, let’s talk the big one. Super Mario Collection, aka Super Mario All-Stars, was officially announced by Nintendo. The title is a port of the Super Nintendo title that bundled Super Mario Bros 1, 2 (Lost Levels in North America), 3, and USA (2 in North America) onto one cartridge with enhanced visuals. Essentially, its the same game but on a Wii disc instead of a Super Nintendo Catridge.

But that doesn’t mean its not worth buying. The title includes a “Super Mario History” book that ranges from 1985 till present day, and a Super Mario soundtrack with tracks from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Galaxy 2. The history book and soundtrack come in their own special case, which is held together along with the actual Super Mario Collection case with what looks like a sleeve or box.

The title will be a limited run in Japan and will launch on October 21st for 2,500 yen. Nintendo has not announced the set for any other regions as of writing.

Elsewhere in the land of Mario products, a variety of new items are available on the Japanese Club Nintendo site. A new anniversary themed T-shirt, tote bags, and playing cards are available, with a bit of a catch. They are only winnable via a raffle, so no guarantee on getting them. Nintendo is holding a Flip Note contest in Japan for the anniversary as well.

Also, apparently Miyamoto and Shigesato Itoi, creator of the Mother/Earthbound series, sat down and talked about Mario for an Iwata Asks. Unfortunately, there is no official translation at this time.

North America, Europe, and Japan have their own special sites for the anniversary.

(Details Source: andriasang)

Super Mario Bros. History Video

European Commercial

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Japanese Commercial

(Source: Tiny Catridge)

Super Mario Collection Promo Video

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(Images Source: andriasang)

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