Tales of the Abyss confirmed for Nintendo 3DS

Famitsu announced a list of all the games currently confirmed to be released in Japan for the 3DS. Such games include: Mega Man Legends 3 (About Time), Super Monkey Ball (Because anything is better than Banana Blitz) and… TALES OF THE ABYSS?!?!?! Read more about this surprising annoucement after the jump.

Edit: Now with screenshots! There’s also news that the game should be released next year though it hasn’t been stated whether this will just be in Japan.

Source: (Siliconera)

Apparanty So, Namco; know for it’s Tales of games and in general hating its fans have confirmed Abyss along with some of their other classics such as Cubic Ninja and Puzzle Bobble. The good news for Non Japanese residents is that this game is probably more likely to be released to western audiences. The main reason for this is that the Tales of the Abyss animé was recently picked up for release outside of Japan. Perhaps if the animé does well it could promote sales of the game (or vice versa). Either way, this is definetly an interesting port for the 3DS and one which definetly warrants a purchase (Because at least the US actually got to PLAY the game. Abyss was never released in the UK sadly).

Screenshots (I’m impressed personally):


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    1. Go bucks? I’ve seen it used at Gamestop for $20 before.

      Anyway, I was actually just looking for this game recently but none of the stores near me had it. Now I’m thinking I might just wait for this one instead. Those screenshots look great, plus I’m more of a handheld gamer anyway.

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