Things To Know About Halo: Reach

So if you’re a diehard Halo fan check out the 10 things to know about Halo: Reach after the jump.

1. Control Changes – If you’re too used to the controls of Halo 3 or ODST then be prepared for a few changes in the control scheme of Reach. Reach’s armor abilities will be needed a fair bit and are activated by the LB button. That was previously used for switching grenade types but now you can press B to switch between frag and plasma. Again you would be used to hitting B for melee attack but now you need to press RB in Reach to KO your enemies from behind. In Halo 3, X activated equipment and turned on your visor in ODST but in Reach you will need it to reload. Sounds a wee bit complicated if you’re very used to the previous games but these small changes will be easy to pick up.

2. Armor Abilities – Instead of one-time use items, the new armor abilities all operate on a cooldown timer. You’ll find yourself using these frequently to great effect.

3. Varied Missions – All previous Halo games had repetitive moments, finding yourself navigating almost identical areas from time to time but Reach doesn’t feature any of these. Be sure of cycling through different and interesting gameplay throughout the campaign.

4. A Smarter Convenant – The games have always featured intelligent A.I. but Reach is more advanced than ever. Throw a grenade at a group of enemies and some will activate their own Armor Lock. If you choose Armor Lock against a charging Brute they will back off and wait until the EMP goes off before attacking you. Again the Covenant speak in their own language to make them seen scary but now their intelligence on the battlefield is the scariest thing.

5. Customizable Multiplayer – Reach’s multiplayer allows you to adjust every tiny aspect of a match to a ridiculous degree just like in Halo 3. You can make your own maps and match types, tweak gameplay speed and gravity, set weapon options and much more. After a wild match you can visit theatre mode and record videos or capture clips as much as you want.

6. The Armory – Earn plenty of credits throughout Reach to spend in The Armory where you can find plenty of basic and random customizations. Save up to surround your character with stink clouds or lightning bolts, or even spend 150,000 credits on a Master Cheif’s voice for your character.

7. Huge Battles – Halo has never skimped on the size of its battles before, but Reach really ups the battlefield intensity. Noble Team faces an urgent crisis from the moment the game begins and this just doesn’t let up.

8. Space – You may have seen a it or what Reach’s space combat looks like and what there is of it is extremely well done but enjoy it while it lasts as there isn’t much of it throughout the campaign.

9. Daily Challenges – Every day, Bungie will be posting challenges to reward you with extra credits. These feature a variety of objectives and aren’t confined to multiplayer. Some will force you to complete missions solo on Legendary while others could be Firefight-specific. Daily challenges earn 500-1,000 credits while weekly challenges earn 2,000-5,000.

10. Forge Mode Much Improved – The original version of Forge allowed you to slightly change existing levels but Reach’s Forge with a new Forgeworld map allows plenty of crazy creations.

Not too shabby, eh?

Reach will be released on September 14th, this Tuesday!

(Source: Gameinformer)

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  1. On the topic of the change in default controls. If you are used to the halo 3 default controls like myself, there is a control setup with those controls that you can switch to. At least there was in the beta.

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