Top 5 Games To Buy With Playstation Move.

The top 5 games to make the most of your playstation move (note: not picked by myself) after the jump. 

5. Tumble

A PSN title that lets you test out the motion technology by interacting with blocks. There are many modes including multiplayer options. Not to mention it’s only $10 to download.

4. Sports Champions

This is the only game being bundled with the Playstation Move at launch. It expects to have the same effect as Wii Sports did at the Wii remote. In my opinion, I expect it to fail at trying to be what the Wii sports is so they shouldnt bother trying.. Even though there’s many more things to do and its different etc, Wii Sports is still the original and not much will beat it for me. But anyhow, the game includes archery, bocce, disc golf, gladiator duels, table tennis and volleyball.

3. Eyepet

This was released in Europe last year but was pushed back in North America to support Playstation Move. The pet simulation game uses augmented reality that will depict you interacting with a virtual pet on screen. The move controller can change into various objects to allow you to take care of and play with your pet. A technical masterpiece and a charming game to play.

2. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

The Move isn’t just for casual gamers. Although none of the launch games appear hardcore, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition certainly does.  The third-person shooter uses the Move as a pointer for a more accurate and realistic experience.

1. Heavy Rain

One of the best games released for Playstation this year is also getting a share of the Move support. The original release uses context-sensitive buttons to control actions on screen but now you can do that with the Move controller, adding more to the action than ever before. Must buy for Playstation Move.

(Source: Examiner)

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