TSG Podcast Episode 24

In podcast 24 we discuss each of the new Pokemon introduced in Black and White.
Podcasters: Britt, Bear, JaggerG, Msico(Phil), Sonic62.
Bulbapedia Isshu Pokedex

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*EDIT* Bulbagarden contacted us and asked to correct a statement made in the podcast. Bulbagarden was never sent a DMCA notice by Nintendo. Sorry about that.

8 thoughts on “TSG Podcast Episode 24”

  1. Serebii still has all the sprites up for the new Pokemon right now. That may change, because they have been asked (or told) to take all images down, but for now they’re up.

    1. You can still go through that list, but you have to go to the individual Pokemon’s pages to see the pictures (just click their name on the list and you can see em).

  2. Awesome podcast guys, had me entertained throughout.

    About the mole Pokemon Britt mentioned looking familiar, it kind of reminds me of the Mischievous Moles and Reconstructed Moles from Mother 3.

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