14 thoughts on “TSG Video Review: Metroid Other M”

  1. If you are going to do more video reviews, I’d suggest getting a better microphone (assuming that is the source of the audio’s poor quality). I also might suggest watching your enunciation, as a few words become slurred (the word at 2:34~2:35), but I’ll blame the audio quality for now. OTHERWISE, I felt the review contained all of the appropriate content, and I hope to see more in the future!

    1. It’s not the mic. My levels were off when recording so I lowered the volume but it was still distorted. The slurring is me. I occasionally have issues with that. Thanks for the input.

      1. Ah, gotcha. I didn’t know if it was the microphone, compression, or the frequency range. Also, I hope I didn’t sound like a douchebag with my comment — I really tried to give as much constructive criticism as possible. I’ll ya, for your first video review, you nailed what kind of content to include.

  2. Pretty good review. I didn’t mind the voice acting much though. But the writing is like:

    Normal person: “Why can’t I kill this thing?”
    People in this game: “Why can’t I kill this fierce beast?

  3. I really had no issues with the Cutscenes/Voice acting, except the scene where you recover ****’* ****** in the very final ending, that was quite cheesy.

    -BF98 😎

    1. Pretty much, same here. The controls annoyed me at first, but I got used to them. And I didn’t really mind the voice acting or cut-scenes at all either. It’s definitely a great game, though.

      Also, in 1st person, you can shake the Wii Remote to SenseMove–found that out from a GameFaqs post and it came in handy when I was trying to find the spot I had to fire a Super Missile at and actually charge it up before the Ridley fight.

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