Two New Kinect Games Work Your Mind and Body

Hey, it’s PhantoMarauder, now on the Wednesday block! Anyway…we got a sneak peak at two new games for the Kinect today. The first is called: New Brain Training You Answer With Your Body. The game will allow you to “stimulate” your mind.

But what about your other muscles? Well, Kinect has got you covered in that department too…sort of. Ubisoft’s newest game, titled Motion Sports, is basically a Kinect version of Wii Sports, where you can partake in many physical activities right in your living room (or wherever you play). You can check out more details on both games as well as a trailer for Motion Sports after the leap of faith (Saying “jump” gets boring).

New Brain Training You Answer With Your Body-

Well, it seems Namco has “done it again.” While the title is certainly an interesting one, the screenshots we got look even cooler. Check em out.

Now, I know what you’re thinking? How is this any different than Brain Age DS. While it is true that many gameplay elements and questions will be similar, the movement required in order to answer each question is actually quite creative. For example, there will be one mini-game called Arithmetic Kick, which will have the player make a kicking motion in order to kick a virtual soccer ball towards the goal with the right answer in it. The mini-game you see directly above you will have players move their hands in a clock motion. Personally, there seems like the possibilites for having fun while you work your brain are endless. It was also confirmed that the game will have Avatar support (again, similar to Wii Sports).

Namco and Microsoft haven’t announced a release outside of Japan, but given the popularity of Brain Age, a localization of the game is expected. At least, it better be, as this is one of the few Kinect games we’ve seen that I’m actually excited about.

Kinect Motion Sports-

Hmm. A launch title involving the player using motion controls to participate in a number of different sports? Haven’t seen that one before…

The game will allow you to participate in 6 different sports: American Football, Horse Riding, Boxing, Hang Gliding, Skiing, and Soccer. The game will be controller free, as you would expect. You know, I really am interested as to how the motion controls for Football are supposed to work. *Get’s ready to tackle TV*

Now, I’ll send you guys out with a trailer for the game.

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