20 thoughts on “(Video) Competitive Edge”

  1. So much to say… let’s get started
    2) Why was Chase humping at Britt’s face?
    3) R-R-R-R-RAGE QUIT!
    4) Hope you didn’t hurt yourself too bad.
    5) Battletoads! Lols. “Would have been a world record.” Double lols. To set a record you have to beat the game, and no one has beat Battletoads. Ever.

  2. Britt, control your RAGE. Gosh. Especially that Kick, that was killer. Youre like an 8 year old me, when I screw something up while playing a game. Oh wait. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Epic competition video. We should see more!

    And I agree, Chase has the most creepiest smile.

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