Winter and Geist Possible for 3DS

n-Space, the company behind Goldeneye 007 for the 3DS, recently gave us some more info involving their newest game, Winter. Winter was seen as a prototype back in 2009 and we haven’t heard much about it since then. Ted Newman, creative director at n-Space, told NintendoDojo that the game is supposed to be dark and for mature audiences. However, due to the casual demographics that the Wii is targeting, no publishers are showing any interest in the game.

From the interview, we learned that it is possible that Winter may actually release on the 3DS, which is targeted more towards traditional gamers. We also learned that games such as Guise for the gamecube could be easily ported onto the 3DS due to their similar engines. Newman closed the interview by saying that Nintendo knows what they’re doing with the 3DS, and that it is going to be incredible.

(Source: NintendoDojo)

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