Alan Wake Developers Working on New “AAA Project” for 360

Remedy, they make games. What was the last game they made? Alan Wake. Now they are making another game. Surprise! While no details are out yet, the developer listed a producer job for a new “AAA Console Project.” What console? The Xbox 360.

Everything after that is pretty much speculation. When you just finished up a fairly successful 360 exclusive, and then start working on another 360 exclusive, chances are it is a sequel to your previous 360 exclusive. And the developer has already come out and said they would love to do an Alan Wake sequel.

Of course, it could be a completely new IP. Or maybe they are working on another franchise. Shenmue 3, developed by Remedy exclusively for the Xbox 360. The listing is for Yu Suzuki. Get that position Suzuki.

(Via: VG247)

2 thoughts on “Alan Wake Developers Working on New “AAA Project” for 360”

  1. I was gonna say Max Payne but then I remembered they handed that off to Rockstar..who don’t seem to have any idea what to do with it 🙁
    With the way Alan Wake ended, there just has to be a sequel eventually, no?

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