Always Bet on Duke, Except on Portables

Duke Nukem Forever’s revival made quite the splash. But now that Gearbox has the Duke Nukem license, Apogee Software’s Duke Nukem Trilogy on Nintendo DS and PSP is in some trouble. Now, the titles will be moving forward without Duke.

Now the Duke Nukem Trilogy will feature a character called Cam Nash. The first title in the trilogy, Critical Mass, will now be known as EXTRACTION POINT: Alien Shootout.  The developer hasn’t announced details for the rest of the titles.

Duke Nukem Trilogy was announced back in E3 2008, but only one trailer was shown. The trailer actually became quite infamous for being a four minute long teaser trailer that looked like it was thrown together in thirty minutes. You can check out after the jump.

(Source: FrontLine Newsletter)
(Via: Kotaku)

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